Branding/Print Design

College of the Arts at Kennesaw State

Develop a newer brand based off of the old College of the Arts design. Requirement restrictions included font, color, and the phrase “We Are”.


This booklet was created to inform people and represent what having dyslexia is like. Requirements were design a die cut, duo tone process, spot color use, typography, and an overall unity in design throughout the booklet.

Mentone Family Lodge

Project for developing location branding complete with logo, brand guidelines, original photography of location, website, and information package for visitors.


Packaging and design project to brand a new wine company. Unwined Wine is a fictional wine targeted for college student with a beginning interest in trying wines.


Project to create a brand for a car audio company. Goal was to target the age range of 16-25 and generate an exciting, vibrating feel to the brand. Logo design, website, magazine, billboard, and business card.